One of the best things about holidays is surely eating out. Holidays are opportunities to walk away and leave the washing up to someone else!   

Exploring new cuisines and flavours is also part of going away on holiday, and this is no less true if you are holidaying closer to home. Regions across the UK have their own unique specialties and popular local dishes can introduce you to a whole new world of tastes and culinary traditions. (Think Cornish pasty, jellied eels or haggis!) Sample them and immerse yourself in the traditions of the region with recipes that have been passed down through generations!  

2023 is ‘Year of the Coast’, an initiative highlighting the stunning landscapes and rich heritage of the English coast. There’s no better time to talk about eating out than during a holiday by the sea because fresh locally sourced ingredients mean the freshest tastiest seafood.   

On the coast in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, you’re guaranteed to find a raft of restaurants offering fresh seafood or with catch of the day on the menu. Enjoy baskets of fresh crusty bread accompanying fresh haddock chowder, Poole rock oysters, gambas pil pil(prawns roasted with chilli), and to follow an elegant dressed crab or pan fried sea bass!   

Among the catch you might expect in Christchurch, think sea trout, salmon, bass and mullet, while the local catch being landed on Poole Quay could include haddock, mackerel and shellfish from Poole Bay.   

Whether you're booking a family dinner, or trying new cuisines with friends, discover somewhere new or find your favourite eateries in our extensive listings. Places to Eat in Bournemouth | Food & Drink 

Here’s a selection you might like to try from across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. 

Poole Arms 

Traditional charm at the oldest pub on the Quay, Poole Arms has a delightful location and a mouth-watering seafood menu. 

Key West Bar and Grill 

Enjoy Key West Bar and Grill’s menu of family favourites on the Pier, inside or alfresco. Think all day brunch, fish, specialty burgers, lasagne and pizzas. 

Captain's Club Hotel & Spa 

A waterside dining experience with an extensive menu of fish, steaks, salad and pasta awaits at Captain’s Club Hotel, Christchurch 

Chez Fred 

Fish and chips to dine in or order hot and wrapped in paper to take away from award-winning Chez Fred, Westbourne. 

Street Food Corner 

Eclectic choices at Street food corner, Bournemouth gardens by the flyover and Pavilion. Expect fresh seafood paella, tapas, wraps with hummus and falafel and much more. 


Superb surroundings and stunning views at Neo, for an unhurried meal with delights such as Chateaubriand, Local Dorset lamb, braised pork belly and a good fish and seafood choice. 

There’s also a time and a plaice (see what I did there!) for fish and chips eaten piping hot from the paper, while on the beach! Your holiday, your rules! Whatever you decide, savour every bite and make lasting memories in Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole.  

TIP! Use the refill app to find 150+ free water refill stations across the seafront.  




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