Beach Hut Hire FAQ's


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  1. Bournemouth beach and pier shot  with the lv kidzone logo overlaid on top
    LV=KidZone is a child safety scheme that runs across Bournemouth and Poole’s beaches every summer to coincide with the school holidays.
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  2. Close up stunning white Terrier on Bournemouth beach
    Please exercise caution when out with animals during the COVID-19 pandemic, if the beach is too busy, think twice and go home.
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  3. Find out my Bournemouth has some of the safest beaches in the UK
    Our beaches are some of the safest in the country with professional RNLI beach lifeguards and RLSS Volunteer Lifeguards operating during the season. LV=KidZone is the children’s beach safety scheme which operates during July and August only.