Are the January blues hitting you hard and you’re already wishing you were back in the festive season? Well, you can extend the fun into January and February at Cool Coast Ice Rink at the BIC and you can have your own take on Blades of Glory. 

Ice rink dressed up and ready for winter skating in Bournemouth
Whether it’s your first time on the ice or you are well versed on the ice the cool coast ice rink is perfect for everyone. You can also enjoy a hot beverage whilst you watch the skaters go round or take a break. As the ice rink is also indoors, you do not need to worry about the wet winter weather that Bournemouth sometimes offers. In fact, you might have to take some layers off as you skate around!  
The staff at the ice rink are very helpful and will help you learn the basics to get you up and skating around the ice. If you are there with your little ones you can also spend time in the smaller area with skate aids available to rent to teach them how to skate.  
Each session is 60 minutes long which is plenty of time on the ice. You have until the 22nd February to visit so make sure you do. Could even come here on Valentine’s Day for a fun date with your partner.  Book your tickets today! 
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