From hidden paths in neighbouring suburbs to often-missed side streets of the city, there are some amazing street art locations in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. With no lines or queues at these outside galleries, what better to do than enjoy some fresh air and be inspired by these unsuspecting settings. Put on a good pair of shoes and have your camera at the ready, here is the ultimate Bournemouth street art guide.


If I told you the streets of this quirky suburb are covered with graffiti you might not bat an eyelid, but did you know some of our most talented artist’s work can be found here? Unmissable locations include an eclectic living beard at Chaplin’s beer garden as well as the Bournemouth Emerging Arts commissioned work that decorates areas of the Highstreet. Head out and see what you can discover!

The Upside Gallery

Unless you happen to be going that way - perhaps for a trip to the Coy Pond or a spot of tennis - you might not have had much of a reason to visit this particular under-section of the A338. At least until 12 exciting and progressive UK artists were commissioned to decorate it with their skills. Thanks to support from Paintshop Studio, this once neglected vista of featureless concrete is now home to one of Bournemouth’s largest outdoor art galleries.

The Selfie Wall Trail

Another great way to discover art outdoors is on The Selfie Wall Trail. The stunning seafront features work of Bournemouth artists stretching from Sandbanks to Southbourne. Along the promenade you can see graffiti pieces decked out amongst beach huts, piers, ice-cream vendors and other icons that the coast with the most is known for. What better backdrop for a colourful seaside photo shoot?

60 Million Postcards – Lucan Art

On the outside wall of this famous Bournemouth bar you will find a mural of a sleeping sailor entwined with maritime iconography. The idea to repaint the wall was initiated by AUB Students and the ‘Real Art Wins’ project which helps to provide a platform for aspiring artists. LucanArt’s design was inspired by his affinity with Bournemouth and the ocean.

The Lansdowne Mural – Ricky Also/ Paintshop Studio

One of the oldest and most iconic murals on our list. The 195m2 wall on Lansdowne road references creative successes of the city new and old. Robert Louis Stevenson characters (conceived while the writer lived in Bournemouth) can be found alongside Oscar winning special effect images from the film Gravity and breakdance crew Second to None, not to mention the central figure of ex-cherries captain Tommy Elphick.

Ojo Rojo - Tech Moon

 The walls of this Bournemouth taqueria have had an interesting journey. Keen eyed visitors to the triangle might have noticed two iterations in its time; once adorned with owls and a single treefrog, Tech Moon’s first design was painted over during a tenancy disagreement. When a new landlord took over, the artist was invited back to paint a modified version featuring a collection of red-eye tree frogs and one single owl feather, which is the design you can see today.

The Pot Shop - Stuart Semple

Bournemouth born artist Stuart Semple caused quite the stir when his facetiously named ‘pot shop’ opened in 2019 but locals soon learned that the quirky store really just sells bad-hand coffee and instant ramen. The interior walls have been a hit with fashionistas and instagrammers since its arrival and while customers wait, they can flick through a fashion mag or gaze at the Keith Haring style artwork on the walls.

There are of course a ton of other great locations to explore in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and many more artistic creations lurking in the area.  For a chance to be reposted on our Instagram tag @BournemouthOfficial @LoveXChurch @LovePooleUK and show us what you discover!

Use the map below to check out some more great locations!




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