It promised a rich, theatrical performance and with two children who were not too sure what to expect, although my eldest had learned about the story in music class my youngest was not convinced '...mummy I'm going to guess it’s about a boy called a Peter and a wolf’ - how perceptive! The fantastic Coisceim Dance Theatre, at Pavilion Dance, certainly delivered.

Inspired by Prokofiev’s original composition, the performers took us all on a magical story through dance, mime, expression and music - seeing the story of Peter, the animals and the wolf through the eyes of, this time, the rather cool and self-assured wolf. 

Originally written with instruments representing the animals, we knew we would be in for something a little different we when we took our seats in the intimate theatre. Instantly transported to a dark forest, we were surrounded by owls hooting, insects chipping and eerie lighting which cast a dusk shadow over the simple staging of a piano, centre, surrounded by several long green tubes suspended from the ceiling, just touching the floor.  The forest was soon taken over by principal star Peter, played by Ivonne Kalter, whose balletic performance and body shapes told emotion as well as the story. 

Soon joined by golden duck (in a rubber ring), bird, cat and wolf the accompanying music and beautiful live piano took us and our imaginations on a magical journey where courage and friendship prevailed.  My children’s favourite character was undoubtedly the wolf and his cool pack of wolf buddies - street and body popping breakdance mixed with great body interpretations created an unforgettable animal.

Despite my son asking me, in his *quietest* whisper 'mummy, seriously are they not going to talk?' he thoroughly enjoyed the performance and his eyes lit up with the strength of duck, bird and the wolf dance moves.  My daughter found it initially a 'little scary but I was very excited'.  Needless to say, the ride home in the car was a very animated one with lots of hoooooowling and limited street dance moves!

The Wolf and Peter was a beautifully rich performance with the underlying nod to courage and friendship - building blocks for kids both big and small!

The next production at Pavilion Dance South West promises to be every bit as magical, the Night Tree, written by Eve Bunting and performed by Second Hand dance will run from 19th – 24th December – where you are invited to come into the woods, dace to snow and bask in glistening seasonal lights.  A perfect accompaniment to a magical walk through the stunning Christmas Tree Wonderland, which takes place for the very first time this Christmas in Bournemouth (Nov - Jan).  For more Pavilion Dance South West details visit




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