Nestled between the bustling town centre and award winning beach, there’s always a reason to take a walk through Bournemouth’s beautiful Grade II listed Victorian Gardens. From sunbathing in the summer, to picnics, a relaxing afternoon with the children and refreshing winter walks, the Lower, Central and Upper Gardens offer an oasis of calm and colour.

Lower Gardens

Adjacent to the sea and only a short walk from the town centre, the award winning Lower Gardens plays host to a number of brilliant Bournemouth events all year round. Here you’ll also find one of the country’s largest rockeries, mini-golf and a beautiful bandstand.

Central & Upper Gardens

For somewhere a little quieter – these gardens are bursting with beautiful natural scenery. Here you can follow one of the guided walks, tree trails or cycle paths as well as finding out about their history and vibrant flora and fauna at one of the various information points.

Download the self-guided trail incorporating Bournemouth Gardens, Coy Pond, and Meyrick Park Golf Course.

Boscombe Chine Gardens

Talk a walk along the beach - east of Bournemouth Pier and you’ll discover Boscombe Chine. A fantastic mix of colour, flowers, grassy areas, water, tress and wildlife, the gardens bring together the best of their Victorian past.

Download this self-guided tour to the characterful coastal villages of Boscombe, Southbourne and Westbourne. Full of maps, pictures and fascinating facts to get you on your way.

Alum Chine Tropical Gardens

Walk west of Bournemouth Pier and you will find the Tropical Gardens at Alum Chine. Originating back to the 1920’s, the gardens area a tropical retreat, home to a haven of unusual plants.

Download this self-guided tour incorporating Alum Chine, Branksome and Branksome Dene Chine.


Bournemouth Central Gardens
Bournemouth Central gardens in autumn with a family walking underneath the trees

The Central Gardens extend from the town centre to Coy Pond. They are now the home of the tennis courts, a children’s playground and a war memorial with beautiful rose borders, a Rhododendron Walk and heather beds.

Bournemouth Upper Gardens
Folly tower surrounded by flora in the gardens

The Upper Gardens hold many unusual tree species including a North American Giant Redwood (believed to be the largest in the country) and a group of mature Persian Ironwood trees.

Bournemouth Lower Gardens
Parks & Gardens
Bournemouth Lower Gardens People Walking through

The Lower Gardens in Bournemouth are only a five minute walk from the main shopping centre, the beach and the pier.

Boscombe Chine Gardens
Flowers blooming in Boscombe gardens

Boscombe Chine Gardens were developed originally from a ‘chine’ of heath and mire into a splendid Victorian garden, a central part of the then thriving Boscombe resort.

Alum Chine Tropical Gardens
Alum Chine Gardens

A chine is a steep dry river valley and Alum Chine is the largest of four Chines within Bournemouth.



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