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The Bournemouth food and drink festival features food and music from all round the world. It is a 10-day event held in the heart of Bournemouth’s town square and with various food stands ranging all the way from ice cream to curry, with a multitude of musical performers of all ages and genres something is sure to tickle your fancy.  For me it was the churros that seemed to be calling my name every time I walked by them. I sat down in the pop up gazebo to enjoy my cinnamon and sugar churros, a favourite among the crowds they certainty live up to the hype the perfect amount of crunchy and soft, cinnamon and sugar balancing out creating an out of this world sensory experience. I was in churro heaven. The mixture of smells around me all more enticing then the next are testing my will power as I fight my urge to eat everything in sight.

The wide range of musical performances means that throughout the day you are sure to be able to sing along to at least one song whether it’s the teenager singing a Shawn Mendes cover with his acoustic guitar, or the glam-rock band playing an original song you haven’t heard before; local talent is in no short supply over the week and a half and the bar nearby makes this the perfect getaway, an area to sit down relax whilst enjoying a beer.

Throughout the festival there is plenty to inspire you and the numerous workshops and competitions held throughout the event provide the ideal place to show of your skills or lack of skills with an opportunity to win some fantastic prizes. Roly Poly are holding a burger competition where competitor’s race to make a burger the quickest, raising money for Action Against Hunger, so whilst tasting some of the mouth-watering food why not get involved and raise some money for a well worthwhile cause at the same time.

For the smaller kids and bigger kids (like myself) the sweet stand displaying long-time favourite sweets including giant strawberry’s, multiple flavours of fudge, long pencils, goes down a treat. The plethora of sweets sends my inner child wild as I scan the range of multi coloured sugar sweets that on any other day I would pass up. But today I make an exception, diving straight in picking up a personal favourite of mine vanilla fudge and the classic Haribo cola bottles sending me straight back to being eight years old.

The easy atmosphere and sense of community allows my mind time to escape and allows for a few minutes of relaxation as I bask in the summer sun. The inclusiveness of the event makes this the perfect family friendly festival with an atmosphere you want to bottle up and keep forever. If find myself believing there is something to be admired about stranger sitting next to one another on simple picnic tables, cheering on the performers as if they were their favourite football team. All that coupled up with the warm sun confirms that this is the perfect place for me to spend my Thursday afternoon.




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