In March, the town comes alive with the promise of warmer weather and endless opportunities for adventure. There is plenty to do in Bournemouth, from strolling along golden beaches to eating fish and chips on the seafront to shopping for locally crafted souvenirs. Get ready to explore this charming coastal town with our list of must-see locations and activities. 

Animal adventures:

Immerse yourself in the world of marine life at Bournemouth Oceanarium, where encounters with playful otters, charming penguins, majestic sharks, and graceful stingrays await. For an extra-special experience, you can book an animal encounter session where you can feed or play with your favourite marine animals. As spring blooms, visit Farmer Palmer's for a day among adorable farm animals, interactive activities, and tractor rides. Wildlife enthusiasts can also enjoy leisurely strolls along Bournemouth Pier, offering opportunities to spot playful dolphins, or explore the birdwatching haven of Kingfisher Barn. Additionally, discover the natural wonders of Stour Valley Nature Reserve, featuring a picturesque three-mile stretch of riverside footpath, meadows, hedgerows, and woodland, where sightings of grazing deer and occasionally swimming otters await.

Retail therapy:

Explore the vibrant shopping scene of Bournemouth's town centre, featuring a wide range of shops and boutiques. From high-street favourites to unique artisanal finds, there's something to suit every taste and budget. Be sure to venture into Westbourne, known for its unique blend of stores. Whether you're browsing through the South Coast Makers Market or strolling along the streets, the shopping scene in Bournemouth has something for everyone.

Ultimate Entertainment:

Embark on a whirlwind of excitement in Bournemouth, with an eclectic mix of thrilling attractions. Swing into action at Mr Mulligans for a round of mini-golf fun amidst wacky themes and challenging courses or dive into a world of virtual reality adventures at Centre VR, where cutting-edge technology brings immersive experiences to life. You can also experience the topsy-turvy magic of the Upside Down House, where gravity seems to defy logic down at the seafront.

For a traditional seaside holiday favourite head to the pier with your pennies to the amusements, or zipline with Rock Reef from the top of the pier all the way down to the beach dangling over the sea, taking in some breathtaking views. With an array of entertainment options to choose from, Bournemouth promises a day filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable memories.

Natural treasures:

Bournemouth offers many must-see natural beauty spots, offering a diverse range of scenic wonders to explore. The golden sands of Bournemouth Beach stretch for miles, inviting visitors to soak up the sun and enjoy a refreshing dip in the sparkling sea. Close to the beach, the Lower Gardens provide a tranquil oasis with lush greenery, colourful flower beds, and winding pathways perfect for strolls.

For a coastal adventure, Fisherman's Walk boasts rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and breathtaking coastal views, ideal for hikers and nature enthusiasts. Beyond these beauty spots, Bournemouth has many parks, nature reserves, and scenic trails, ensuring endless opportunities to explore the outdoors surrounded by stunning views.  

Dinner with a view:

Bournemouth offers a range of different dining options, from the BH2 with familiar favourites to restaurants and cafés along the seafront with scenic views. Indulge in fresh seafood at renowned spots like West Beach, Harry Ramsden, and The Crab.

For panoramic views, head to the Prom Café, serving a family-friendly menu featuring burgers and fish and chips. Whether opting for a relaxed meal by the water or fine dining with a sea breeze, Bournemouth's seafront eateries ensure an unforgettable dining experience.




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