Travelling around by bike is one of the best ways to get to know a place, and now that the sun is out and the days are getting brighter and warmer, jumping on a Beryl Bike is a cost-effective and enjoyable way to get around. 

In this instalment of some of our favourite cycle routes in our schemes, we’re visiting Christchurch, the idyllic market town that really does have it all! From beautiful beaches to the glorious countryside, the town is awash with history and overflowing with culture. Let’s explore. 

To help you navigate the area and absorb in the beautiful scenery, we have created three routes for you that take in the coast and this traditional market town.

These routes are varied in length. At 5km10km or 15km, they are suitable for all levels of fitness. Along the way, you will find many opportunities to stop and take in the views with a cup of tea and a well-earned pastry!

All the loops are on Google Maps to make it easy to navigate. So, head out, explore safely and remember to tag @BerylBikes and @LoveXChurch in your photos and videos!

5km - Christchurch Town Loop

The first route is a scenic tour of the town centre. A great introduction to the historic town, this journey dives straight through the heart of the high-street and into the priory gardens and quay. Don’t be distracted by the beautiful River Stour there are more views to come! Crossing Tuckton Bridge you will see the likes of kayakers, stand up paddle boarders and other boaters. Enjoy a leisurely downhill ride past Tuckton tea gardens and along the river before heading back across the bridge and into Christchurch to finish.

10km - Burton to Mudeford Cycle

This route is a lovely venture north of the town showing just how easy it is to get a change of scene in Christchurch. Starting in the leafy village of Burton enjoy riding past manor houses and country pubs as you cycle towards Mudeford where soon you’ll be able to see the sea. Enjoy the route alongside the River Mude, a small brook that dissects the suburb, before passing seaside homes and welcoming in a beautiful view of Christchurch harbour. Make a pitstop at Mudeford Quay to take in the scenery (and maybe even some local delicacies!) before journeying back up to Burton where it all began.

15km - Christchurch to Highcliffe Loop

This big bike ride is an awesome coastal route alongside sandy Christchurch beaches and up to neighbouring Highcliffe. From the town centre head east past the historic buildings and out past Stanpit Marsh. Follow the coastal road through Mudeford to Avon beach before embarking on your epic seafront ride. Cycling up the coast you will soak up the seaside atmosphere with beach huts, cafes, kiosks, other beach goers and of course the stunning Christchurch bay stretching out to your right. A mile up the coast and you’ll take a short steep ride from the beach up to Steamer Point Nature Reserve. This foresty location is a great place to escape the heat of the day and catch glimpses of the sea from high up on the cliff. As you exit Steamer Point, you’ll find you’ve made it to Highcliffe Castle; a grade one listed mansion with café, gift shop and stunning gardens to explore. Carry on along the cliff as you travel down to Highcliffe Beach before circling back inland toward Christchurch.




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