As the winter months come rolling in, it is finally time to dig out those woolly jumpers, hats, gloves and scarfs, and head out into Christchurch to spend some quality time with the family, making each moment memorable.

Christchurch is a small historic town and is home to the largest parish church in England-Christchurch Priory. Within the colder season, Christchurch’s charm still shines through, as there is still plenty to explore with a family. If you are brave enough to face the winter breeze, then Avon Beach is the perfect place. Stroll along the beautiful beachfront, and perhaps stop off at a restaurant or snack bar along the way.

Aerial shot of the christchurch avon river

Following the winter theme, why wait for it to snow when you can have all the winter sports fun right here in Christchurch at Snowtrax Alpine Activity Centre. This family-fun activity is perfect for all the family, especially as they offer different activities such as snowboarding, skiing, ringos, and ski bobbing. So, if you are a total beginner, an expert, or just want to chill at the Alpine Bistro, Snowtrax welcomes everyone! After a day of adrenaline, why not wander on down to Christchurch market, which is open every Monday and hosts a variety of different stalls. Grab something for yourself or a loved one, as Christmas is only around the corner.

Snowboarders at Snowtrax in Christchurch

Is the family feeling creative? If so, why not head down to The Clay Studio where your creativity can run free. They offer parties, workshops, and quick painting sessions, so regardless of your family size, or the time you have, we are sure that you are able to create a memorable masterpiece to take home.

Why not get into the festive spirit by watching a Christmas classic at Drive-in movies, experience cinema from the comfort of your own car. With plenty of movies to choose from, this activity will surely get the whole family excited for the festive season.

If you seek a more traditional setting, then the Regent Centre offers both cinema and theatre productions to entertain you of an evening. Check out their family-friendly shows, as there are a number to choose from.




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