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Nestled on the shores of the River Avon, Christchurch is a charming town that offers a myriad of activities, ensuring that visitors can fully immerse themselves in its rich history, scenic landscapes, and cultural delights, come rain or shine. Let’s explore the top attractions that make Christchurch an ideal destination for a diverse range of experiences.

Red House Museum and Gardens

A Journey Through Time

Embark on a historical journey through time at the Red House Museum, where exhibits, artefacts, and beautifully manicured gardens provide a delightful blend of indoor and outdoor exploration.  Uncover the local history of Christchurch in a setting that caters to all interests and ages.

Adventure Wonderland

An Indoor and Outdoor Extravaganza

Scheduled to open in Spring 2024, Adventure Wonderland promises an unforgettable theme park experience.  Boasting a mix of indoor and outdoor attractions, including rides, shows, and play areas suitable for all ages, this park ensures a day of fun, no matter the weather.

Highcliffe Castle

Majestic Beauty in Any Weather

Marvel at the stunning Highcliffe Castle, a historic mansion surrounded by picturesque gardens.  The impressive interiors and well-manicured grounds offer an enchanting experience that transports you to a bygone era.

Regent Centre

Entertainment Hub for All Tastes

For a dose of cinema magic or live entertainment, the Regent Centre is Christchurch’s premier venue.  The range of options available makes it the perfect spot for an evening of cultural enrichment.

Christchurch Priory

Tranquil Haven of Heritage

Visit the Christchurch Priory, a historic church with rich heritage that provides a peaceful atmosphere for reflection and exploration.  Explore the intricate details of the architecture and soak in the spiritual ambiance, making it a worthwhile visit any day.

Christchurch Harbour

Strolls by the Serene Waters

Take a leisurely stroll along Christchurch Harbour, where stunning views and fresh air are a constant.  Regardless of the weather, the charm of the waterfront remains, providing a serene escape for nature enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation.

Mudeford Quay

Coastal Charms and Cosy Cafes

Explore Mudeford Quay, a charming coastal area where walks, boat watching, and visits to local cafes and shops are a must.  Mudeford Quay is the perfect blend of outdoor and indoor enjoyment.

Christchurch Castle and Norman House

Time-Travel through Ruins

Delve into the medieval past of Christchurch by discovering the ruins of Christchurch Castle and the nearby Norman House.  These historic remnants offer a fascinating glimpse into the town’s heritage, providing a unique experience for every visitor.

Place Mill

Riverside Heritage Along the Avon

Visit Place Mill, an 18th-century watermill located along the River Avon.  This heritage site provides an interesting look into the area’s industrial history, offering visitors a chance to connect with the region’s roots.

Hatch Art Gallery

Coastal Creativity

For art enthusiasts, the Hatch Art Gallery is a must-visit.  Specialising in British Contemporary Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Handcrafted Jewellery with a coastal theme, this gallery boasts a busy exhibition schedule throughout the year, providing a cultural escape.




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