As spring breathes new life into the picturesque town of Christchurch, there's no better time to explore its charming streets, historic sites, and stunning natural landscapes. From riverside walks to bracing coastal trails, Christchurch offers a variety of scenic routes that promise to enchant visitors and locals.

Christchurch Priory to Quay Riverside Walk:

Begin your springtime adventure with a leisurely walk along the River Stour, starting from the historic Christchurch Priory and meandering towards the bustling quayside. As you follow the riverside path, you'll be treated to scenic views of the majestic priory, ancient ruins, and greenery that line the water's edge. Keep an eye out for the ducks swimming along the river and colourful narrowboats moored along the banks. Pause to admire the charming riverside cottages and quaint cafes that dot the route, offering the perfect opportunity to relax and soak up the peaceful surroundings of this scenic walk.

Mudeford Sandbank:

For those craving a breath of fresh sea air, the Mudeford Sandbank Coastal Walk offers a spectacular journey along the stunning coastline of Christchurch. Begin your adventure at Mudeford Quay and follow the winding coastal path as it hugs the shores of Christchurch Harbour, offering panoramic views of the sparkling waters and sandy beaches. Marvel at the iconic Mudeford Spit, a narrow sandbank that stretches out into the sea and is dotted with colourful beach huts. As you continue along the path, you'll pass by picturesque fishing boats, charming seaside cafes, and bustling activity on the water. Be sure to pause, soak up the sunshine, and take in all the views this walk offers.

Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve:

Venture beyond the town centre and discover the natural beauty of Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve, a haven for wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts. Start your exploration at the visitor centre and choose from a variety of walking trails that wind through heathland, grassland, and sand dunes. Climb to the top of Hengistbury Head for breathtaking views across Christchurch Harbour, or descend to the beach below to feel the sand between your toes and paddle in the clear waters. With its diverse landscapes and stunning views, Hengistbury Head offers a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Christchurch Quay to Stanpit Marsh:

Embark on a scenic journey from Christchurch Quay to Stanpit Marsh, where you'll discover a variety of marshlands and wildlife. Start your walk at Christchurch Quay and follow the riverside path as it winds its way towards Stanpit Marsh, offering picturesque views of the river and surrounding countryside. Keep an eye out for wading birds, including egrets, herons, and even the occasional kingfisher, as you cross the marshes. Pause to admire the panoramic views across Christchurch Harbour and the distant Purbeck Hills before heading back to Christchurch Quay. With its peaceful environment and abundant wildlife, the Christchurch Quay to Stanpit Marsh walk is a nature lover's paradise.

Avon Beach to Highcliffe Castle:

For a longer coastal adventure, embark on a scenic walk from Avon Beach to Highcliffe Castle along the stunning Dorset coastline. Start your journey at Avon Beach and follow the coastal path as it winds its way past sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and picturesque coves. Admire the breathtaking views of the Isle of Wight and the Needles as you stroll along the clifftops. Pause to explore the historic Highcliffe Castle and its beautifully landscaped grounds before continuing along the coastal path towards Highcliffe village. With its stunning scenery and rich history, the Avon Beach to Highcliffe Castle Coastal Path is a must-do for any visitor to Christchurch.




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