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Summer is more than just a season; it's a state of mind. It's the feeling of cool sand between your toes as you stroll along the beach, the taste of an ice-cold drink on a hot afternoon, and the laughter that echoes through the air during late-night gatherings with friends. It's the sense of freedom that comes with shedding layers and embracing the warmth of the sun on your skin. We want to give you some fantastic ideas of what you could be looking forward to this season, welcome to our six weeks of summer!

Summer in Christchurch is an amazing time. The sun is shining, the skies are blue, and the atmosphere is electric with the sounds of happy locals and tourists alike. If you’re looking for some peaceful respite from life’s hustle and bustle, here are the top three sunny, relaxing spots to visit in Christchurch.

  1. Highcliffe Beach

The breathtaking Highcliffe Beach is one of the best-kept secrets in Christchurch. Its stunning coastline, fine white sand, and turquoise water make it an idyllic location for soaking up the sun and taking a dip in the refreshing water. This beach is perfect for relaxing, whether you choose to spend your time lying on the sand, taking a stroll, or watching the beautiful sunset. Pack your picnic blanket and beach chairs and settle in for a peaceful day out.

  1. Avon beach

For pebbled beach lovers, Avon beach is the perfect choice. This tranquil beach offers stunning views, perfect for relaxing, picnicking, and taking in the beautiful natural surroundings. There are plenty of places to rest and soak up the sun or to swim. The area directly in front of the car park is allocated for watersports if you're feeling adventorous. 

  1. Hengistbury Head

A great destination in Christchurch during the summer for a walk, Hengistbury Head offer visitors a delightful outdoor space with a beautiful south-facing pebble beach, wildlife and stunning views. You can sit back and relax away from the crowds surrounded by imposing clay and ironstone cliffs, and soft, sandy beaches at Mudeford spit, which is lined with the famous colourful Mudeford beach huts. As this is a nature reserve, it is the perfect place to quietly relax and respect our rare wildlife.

Overall, Christchurch is a treasure trove of summer relaxation spots. These three are only the tip of the iceberg, and anyone visiting should take the time to explore more and find their own special retreat. The warmth of the sun and the calm atmosphere will have you returning again and again.




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