Trying the famous Ducking Stool milkshakes in Christchurch

I meet a friend semi-regularly for coffee in Christchurch. There are some great café’s and tearooms to choose from. Or, quite often we’ll get a takeaway and go for a walk around town, maybe to the priory or along the quay.

But last week when we met up, there was a surprise install for me.

‘Let’s go to this place I’ve heard loads about’, my friend said. Of course, I obliged but soon I was wondering where exactly I was being taken… ‘It’s down this alley’ came the call, as I peered down what looked like the world’s skinniest alleyway. It felt like something out of a Dickensian novel with its cobbled stones and tall brick walls on either side. ‘Umm, okay’ I replied hesitant but curious.

On the other side of the passage, I realised we were on Millhams Street behind Ye Olde George Inn with its pastel coloured town houses. ‘This looks familiar’ I said noticing we were walking to a place I knew very well, one of Christchurch’s iconic historical attractions. ‘Are we going to the Ducking Stool?’ I asked, perplexed.

‘So, you have heard of it.’

I was very confused now. I’ve lived here long enough. Even the newest of Christchurch residents know that The Ducking Stool is where they used to dunk women in the river as a test for witchcraft. Why did my friend think I wouldn’t have heard of it? And why were we going there in the first place!?

Then I saw it. Decorated in beautiful cherry blossom, this quaint little café with curious gold script lettering on the window. I had felt like I had travelled through a worm hole. Who knew this little delight was hiding off of Christchurch Highstreet?

‘This place sells the best drinks I’ve ever tasted.’ I was told emphatically.

‘Okay, then let’s get some!’

Golden Ferrero Rocher, Freddo Frog Chocolate Caramel, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup, Jammie Dodger, Malteser, Oreo, Biscotti, Nutella, this place has more flavours than you could dream up. Willy Wonka himself would be impressed!

I opted for an Iced Caramel Latte (I still had to get my coffee fix) and my friend got a Bubble-gum Blast, and a Biscoff ice cream sandwich (half measures aren’t in our vocabulary!)

They also sell, ice-cream, hot-chocolate, tea, coffee and have vegan-friendly options. But it goes without saying, you must try the amazingly creative milkshakes. As you can see the pictures speak for themselves.

With my friend on the verge of a food coma I suggested we walk it off. I still couldn’t believe I hadn’t found this little gem before, and I haven’t stopped thinking of it since! I’ll definitely be heading back soon to try another one of the amazing milkshakes.

> Visit The Ducking Stool page here




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