Life is still not quite where we might have expected it to be in 2021. That doesn't mean you can't still experience the joy of being beside the seaside, it just has to be from your own home for now.

Take a look at the challenge below or you can print out the downloadable sheet, cut up and put in a jar/ tin/ bucket so next time someone shouts ‘I’m bored’ they can pick one out and take some inspiration! 😉

So get stuck in and bring a little slice of that Bournemouth magic this half term and #EscapeTheEverydayAtHome ✨🏠

1. Design a postcard with a picture of the beach for everyone at home, write what you’d love to do when you get here.

2. Write a story – the opening sentence should be… ‘You’ll never guess what happened on our holiday to Bournemouth, it all started when…

3.Create your beach holiday top ten Spotify list, what’s your number one and why? Share your tunes with us – we all love a boogie!

4. Have an indoor beach picnic with your teddies/ dolls.

5. Dress up as a seafront ranger – if you were in charge of the beach what would you do for the day?

6. Make an indoor treasure hunt or scavenger hunt – find things around the house beginning with B.O.U.R.N.E.M.O.U.T.H / C.H.R.I.S.T.C.H.U.R.C.H and P.O.O.L.E

7. Re-create the beach at home – lay down towels for sand and flap sheets like they are the waves…what can you see out at sea?

8. Make a land train at home by putting lots of chairs together in a line – where are you off to today? Why not make a ticket and design a map for your train journey!

9. Make a beach hut or beach lodge out of sheets, blankets and chairs – perhaps you can sleep in it at night for a treat!

10. Write a beach poem or limerick, inspired by Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole 

11. Have a pirate adventure – just like Harry Paye! Dress up draw a picture, write a story or draw a treasure map – did you find a treasure chest of gold doubloons?

12. Recreate the Prom Café at home – make a menu, serve members of your family, and send us a picture! 

13. Make a junk model pirate ship, beach hut or land train…if you’re feeling clever try and recreate the zipwire at the Pier!

14. We always encourage visitors to ‘Leave only footprints’ at the beach, but why not paint your feet and leave colourful footprints on a big bit of paper or draw round your feet and design a pair of beach shoes.

15. Design your very own beach hut – is it eco, glitzy or perhaps with a theme or style?

An image of the Bournemouth coastline with the But Im Bored logo layered over the top




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